Sugar Cane Decaf is Here!

Sugar Cane Decaf is also known as "Sugar Cane E.A." The "E.A." stands for Ethyl Acetate and many people want to use just the abbreviation because they fear that the public with think it's some sort of artificial chemical process. This is not the case.

Coffee Subscription

Our latest addition is Coffee Subscriptions!

Quite a number of you have mentioned that you'd like us to offer subscription services and now we have. You can choose any coffee you'd like, as much of each as you'd like, and as frequently as you'd like (that's a lot of "as you'd likes")!

To sign up, just go to the coffee of your choice and you'll have the option of just buying as a "One-time purchase" or "Subscribe." If you choose the Subscribe option, you'll get 10% off your coffee and the Delivery option. You can choose to receive that coffee...

COVID-19 and Free Shipping

Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. Just wanted to reassure you that we are doing everything we can at Spro to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for your enjoyment.

For those of you who are working from home and would like to stay at home, we wanted to offer you Free Shipping on coffee and supplies. It's good for anything and everything on our website and we'll ship it to you directly via Ground. We just ask for a $50 minimum and we'll get it right out to you!

To take advantage of this deal, just...

Get Your Grind On - with Free Shipping!

It's been a little while but we're back to offering grinders from Baratza!

If you're unfamiliar, Baratza is a Seattle-based company that designs great small-format grinders that can be used in the home, office or even in a professional setting (under lighter-use conditions). We're happy to be offering the entire line but we're starting off with the Encore and Virtuoso grinders here on our website.

The Encore is the entry personal grinder for home or office and costs $145. The Virtuoso+ is the next grade grinder that can even be used in light commercial applications for $249. Even...

Land of the Hons


Baltimore's Celebration of Working-Class Glamour

My family emigrated to Ohio in 1968. By the end of 1969, we had moved here to Baltimore and this is the town I grew up.

I ended up with a foster grandmother, who I called MomPat, who embodied the Baltimore Hon to whom the women in this article pay homage. She had the deep, Baltimore accent, said "Hon" all the time, wore colorful polyester pant suits and was always extremely loving to this young kid whose ancestry came from a region of the planet...