About Us

An acapella quartet sings by the shop during HonFest 2017.

Spro was started in 2006 in the Baltimore County Public Library in Towson where we focused on delivering quality coffee to a wonderful group of people willing to explore something new. In 2010, we opened our flagship store in Hampden, an eclectic, quirky and fun neighborhood in Baltimore, Hon.

In Hampden, we really started exploring coffee in a deeper way, working with roaster from across the country and pairing those coffees with a range of brewing methods that we felt best complimented their flavors. In 2011, we started up our own little roastery in East Baltimore to deeper explore our world of coffee.

So, we encourage you to come down and visit out shop in Hampden (one of our Towson baristas bought that location from us in late 2011 and still operates it today) and try our coffees. We hope you'll find them as enjoyable as we do!

“I don’t know how to taste coffee.”

It’s something I hear a lot lately and the truth is that you don’t need a Ph.D. in coffee to know “good” coffee. Anyone can tell good coffee, the key is being exposed to quality coffee so that you have the opportunity to discern the difference.  There’s no need to feel intimidated. We’re here to guide you. Whether your preference is for espresso drinks like a double shot, macchiato, cappuccino, latte or americano – or perhaps you prefer brewed coffee, our baristas have been trained to be your tour guide of our coffees.  

Spro Hampden is unique in the industry. It was the very first coffee place in the world to offer a variety of coffees from multiple coffee roasters and offer those coffees in multiple brew methods: vacuum pot, pour over, chemex, eva solo, aeropress, french press, clever and our cold brew drip tower. Our approach comes from the Hawaiian teaching: A’ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho’okahi -Not all knowledge is taught in one school. Meaning that we select coffees from a variety of coffee roasters because no one roaster can source all the great coffees of the world. We work with a selection of the finest coffee roasters because they choose to source and select the finest coffees and, in turn, we bring those to you.

But ours is just one vision of coffee. One that hopefully delivers delicious and exciting coffees in a welcoming and warm atmosphere prepared by skilled craftspeople who work very hard every day to welcome you into our home. Please come and visit us.