To Freeze Or Not To Freeze?


The question of how best to keep your coffee is a perennial question. My thought is that you should always freeze your coffee, if you're not going to consume it within the first two weeks.

Why? It preserves the coffee at the point of freezing. Roasted coffee is about 2-3% moisture, meaning that there's not enough moisture in the bean to cause any damage. Try freezing green beans or tomatoes and you'll see what I mean.

How we do it is taking the bag of coffee, rolling it up tight to remove as much...

So Long, Hon!

This article came across my feed today from Baltimore Magazine marking tonight as the final night of service at Cafe Hon, ending a tradition in Hampden that fomented the renaissance of the neighborhood starting thirty years ago.

I remember discovering the Cafe Hon in the late 90s, driving down into the neighborhood every few weeks or so for the occasional lunch. It was always a good time. When we finally came to the neighborhood in 2009, I got to know Denise as a fellow merchant and always enjoyed her company.

But what really...

Ancient Style Roasted Coffee

Ancient Style Roasted Coffee

After last weeks post about pan roasting coffee, it's time for us to give it a taste and give an honest evaluation of the roast quality. It's not as glowing as you might think!

Check out the evaluation!

Six Minute Coffee - Pan Roasted Coffee Challenge

Six Minute Coffee - Pan Roasted Coffee Challenge

Our YouTube channel is the place for us to share our coffee knowledge and one of our viewers, Ahmet, called us out to roast coffee in a pan. And we answered!

Check it out here!





Forward into 2022

The past two years have been quite interesting. Besides the pandemic, the biggest news of 2021 was our decision to close down the Hampden shop in July, and move all our operations to our Sproastery in Cockeysville.

It's always a bittersweet occasion to make such transitions, but it's been a good one that is allowing us to focus on other aspects of coffee. We're now able to spend a bit more of our time consulting for other coffee groups, as well as bringing better focus to our wholesale and online guests, not to mention continue with producing coffee videos for our...