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Annabel Lee - Our Valentine's Coffee

We pay homage to this story with a coffee that offers notes of dark cacao for the brooding nature of longing love, fruit notes of dark red cherries to depict the eternal love and a low brightness to keep the angels envious. 

The Cafe du Spro is Open!

The Cafe du Spro made a quiet opening on Thursday, December 19th with a few guests coming by on our first day. Located in the front half of The Sproastery (where we roast all of our coffees), the building had been previously occupied by an automotive detailing business some 15 years ago. Prior to our occupancy in November 2017, the space had been vacant for at least five years.

It's been a great couple of weeks. The Cafe du Spro is decidedly different than our Hampden shop with only seating for five, we encourage everyong...

Finding The Perfect Gift

The passing of Halloween also marks the unofficial arrival of the Holiday Season. It's a great time of year when we get to spend time with our families and the memories created are always cherished ones.

But one of the greatest challenges of the holiday season is gift-giving and finding just the right gift to convey everything about your relationship, the sentiment between you and the recipient, something that is reflective of who they are and their own personal tastes. Everyone knows what it's like to receive a gift that just didn't show much thought - and it's always bit...

New Hours In Hampden

New Hours In Hampden

Starting this week, we're implementing new hours in Hampden. Our new hours are as follows:

Mon - 7am to 5pm
Tue - 7am to 5pm
Wed - 7am to 5pm
Thu - 7am to 5pm
Fri - 7am to 6pm
Sat - 8am to 6pm
Sun - 9am to 6pm

Our current plan is to hold these hours until November when we are planning on expanding our Friday and Saturday hours into the evening to accommodate holiday shopping and the Miracle On 34th Street.