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It's been a little while but we're back to offering grinders from Baratza!

If you're unfamiliar, Baratza is a Seattle-based company that designs great small-format grinders that can be used in the home, office or even in a professional setting (under lighter-use conditions). We're happy to be offering the entire line but we're starting off with the Encore and Virtuoso grinders here on our website.

The Encore is the entry personal grinder for home or office and costs $145. The Virtuoso+ is the next grade grinder that can even be used in light commercial applications for $249. Even...

Land of the Hons


Baltimore's Celebration of Working-Class Glamour

My family emigrated to Ohio in 1968. By the end of 1969, we had moved here to Baltimore and this is the town I grew up.

I ended up with a foster grandmother, who I called MomPat, who embodied the Baltimore Hon to whom the women in this article pay homage. She had the deep, Baltimore accent, said "Hon" all the time, wore colorful polyester pant suits and was always extremely loving to this young kid whose ancestry came from a region of the planet...

Baby We're A Star! Watch our YouTube Channel.

We've launched our YouTube Channel! It features videos on brewing methods and more with weekly video releases. Come check it out!

Annabel Lee - Our Valentine's Coffee

We pay homage to this story with a coffee that offers notes of dark cacao for the brooding nature of longing love, fruit notes of dark red cherries to depict the eternal love and a low brightness to keep the angels envious. 

The Cafe du Spro is Open!

The Cafe du Spro made a quiet opening on Thursday, December 19th with a few guests coming by on our first day. Located in the front half of The Sproastery (where we roast all of our coffees), the building had been previously occupied by an automotive detailing business some 15 years ago. Prior to our occupancy in November 2017, the space had been vacant for at least five years.

It's been a great couple of weeks. The Cafe du Spro is decidedly different than our Hampden shop with only seating for five, we encourage everyong...