Coffee Subscription

Our latest addition is Coffee Subscriptions!

Quite a number of you have mentioned that you'd like us to offer subscription services and now we have. You can choose any coffee you'd like, as much of each as you'd like, and as frequently as you'd like (that's a lot of "as you'd likes")!

To sign up, just go to the coffee of your choice and you'll have the option of just buying as a "One-time purchase" or "Subscribe." If you choose the Subscribe option, you'll get 10% off your coffee and the Delivery option. You can choose to receive that coffee once a week, every other week, every third week, or every four weeks. You just make your choice and we do the rest of the work for you!

Once you've set things up, you can just sit back and we take care of everything else. You'll receive your coffee selections at the interval you specify. Best thing - you can change your subscription parameters or cancel at any time.

So give it a try and enjoy great coffee on a regular basis!

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  • Hi Jet –
    While we closed the Hampden shop in July 2021, we will be opening the roastery Cafe du Spro sometime during 2022. However, if you’re in need of coffee, you can order it here on our website and we will ship it to you!

    • Jay
  • I miss your shop in Hampden. Are open anywhere?

    • Jet Lowe