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The Culture Trip
The 11 Best Cafes and Coffeehouses in Baltimore - July 19, 2017
A popular spot for locals, Spro features unique American coffees in a non-fussy but eclectic atmosphere. Visit Spro for a one-of-a-kind coffee experience and grab a taste of real Baltimore.

La Nacion
Nicolas Rico, El Opita Primer Campeon Colombiano Cafes de Filtrados - April 7 2017
Jay Caragay, Juez líder expresó: “esta es una competencia de filtrados y nosotros estábamos buscando un baristas que tuviera varias cualidades, no solo su preparación, sino que ofreciera muy bien su café. Fue una competencia muy ceñida y con pequeñas diferencias entre los puntajes de los finalistas”. 

Fox 45 News
Baltimore City Minimum Wage Proposal In Limbo - March 21, 2017
Caragay is the Owner of Spro Coffee on West 36th Street in Hampden. He has owned this shop for 7 years. Right now, he can serve a cup of coffee for $3, but he says if the proposed city minimum wage hike goes into effect and raises it to $15...
Latte Lowdown: Must-know Facts About Coffee - March 7, 2017
Coffee also has benefits. “Coffee has lot of antioxidants,” said Jay Caragay, a US-based coffee expert. He owns Spro Coffee and was recently in the country to be the head judge of the Philippine National Barista Championship...

The Johns Hopkins News-Letter
Spro is Charming but not Idea for Studying - February 9, 2017
Spro was the first coffee shop that I visited in Hampden. It was one of the first places I’d ever been with noticeably good coffee. I used to put cream and sugar in coffee, but at Spro I was happy to drink it black.

USA Today Travel
Made In Baltimore: Flavors Only Found In Charm City - June 17, 2016
A tiny coffee shop on Hampden’s The Avenue, Spro roasts its own coffee and buys the majority of its beans directly from the producers, located in Central America, Philippines, Hawaii and Colombia

The Washington Post
Ever Spot A French Press In The Nationals Dugout? - June 17, 2016
That's our display in the first image!
U.S. Barista Champion Lem Butler - May 2, 2016
...there weren’t really any competing back in the day when I started out, with the exception of maybe, like, Jay Caragay. He’s another cat—he brought all this energy and funk to the competition.

Hotel Indigo
Take A Sip of Baltimore's Brewing Craft Coffee Scene - April 16, 2016
This Hampden-based coffee shop is inspired by an old Hawaiian saying: Not all knowledge is taught in one school.

La Prensa
Seleccionan al Campeon Nacional de Barismo 2016 - April 2, 2016
La selección de los finalistas se realizó entre el 31 de marzo y el 2 de abril.  Los jueces internacionales invitados al campeonato nacional fueron Jay Caragay y Anthony Rue, ambos de Estados Unidos.

The Quindecim
Top Five Coffee Shops To Visit In Baltimore - February 19, 2016
Ambiance: Mostly quiet and well-lit. On the smaller side, but surprisingly a

30th & Weldon
The Best Baltimore Cafes To Get Sh*t Done In - February 10, 2016
Ambiance: Mostly quiet and well-lit. On the smaller side, but surprisingly a lot of seating for the size.
Silvester Samonte of El Union - February 10, 2016
The team of judges composed of four sensory judges, two technical judges and one head judge at the final round of the 2016 Philippine National Barista Championship (L to R): Leo de Leon (Sensory), Jay Caragay (Sensory)...

Wall Street Journal
A Storm Paralyzes Much of the East Coast - January 20, 2016
In Baltimore, Spro coffee shop was one of the only businesses open on 36th Street, though barista Sarah Pfeil had served just a few customers by 11 a.m.

York Daily Record
Is York, PA. Becoming Retro Cool? - January 19, 2016
Visit maybe the Hon Cafe, Spro Coffee Shop and other shops on the Avenue in Hampden for the evening...