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the olson coffee brewer from simply good coffee
At last we shall reveal our brewer to the Jedi...


The coffee business is filled with new gadgets and devices coming out seemingly every third day. Much of those I eschew but every once in a while, a piece of gear comes out that I think is worthwhile. This is one of those times.

This is the Olsen brewer from Simply Good Coffee. It brews up to 42 ounces of your favorite coffee and does so with little muss, little fuss and it truly makes a great cup.

Check out and Buy the Olson.

Simply Good Coffee is an idea started by Laura Sommers. We've been friends for nearly the entire 20 years I've been in the coffee business. Laura started out with a company called Espresso Supply in Seattle and eventually started BonaVita. With SGC, the intention is to work with small coffee companies like ours to create a distribution network and to make a great home brewer.

But what's important in a home brewer? First of all, it goes back to the basics: being capable of handling the correct ratio of coffee to water, delivering water at the proper temperature, and doing it in an appropriate amount of time. The OIsen hits all these marks.

In our testing, we can brew a full 42 ounces using 84 grams of coffee in about six minutes, with water being delivered at 196 degrees Fahrenheit - all ideal. And, if you only want to brew one cup at a time, it will do that too! In fact, I've been using it to brew my morning 12 ounce cup of coffee for the past three weeks now.

One of the coolest features is the Bloom switch. When this is activated, the Olson dispenses enough water to wet the coffee bed, pauses to allow the coffee to "bloom" and then restarts the brew process again. This allows the Olson to brew in a manner similar to a good barista making a pour over.

 And at $149.95 it's half the price of a Technivorm Moccamaster with all the performance!

We've even made a video for a First Look at the Olson:



 So, I think it's a great coffee brewer for the home because I've been using it to make my daily coffee. It's easy to setup, use and it's easy to clean. So, check out the video above and if you're interested in getting one for yourself, click here or use the QR code below!




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