So Long, Hon!

This article came across my feed today from Baltimore Magazine marking tonight as the final night of service at Cafe Hon, ending a tradition in Hampden that fomented the renaissance of the neighborhood starting thirty years ago.

I remember discovering the Cafe Hon in the late 90s, driving down into the neighborhood every few weeks or so for the occasional lunch. It was always a good time. When we finally came to the neighborhood in 2009, I got to know Denise as a fellow merchant and always enjoyed her company.

But what really holds my admiration for Denise and the Cafe Hon is that they truly marked the beginning of Hampden's renaissance and without the Cafe Hon, the neighborhood would have been much different that it became over the years.

While it's sad to see such an iconic place close, we wish Denise and the rest of the Cafe Hon crew all the very best, and we look forward to what Tony and Cindy have in store for the neighborhood!

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