New Hours for November

Hello everyone,

For the month of November, Spro will be changing our hours slightly. Our hours for November will be:

Mon-Tue: 7am to 6pm
Wed-Thu: 7am to 7pm
Fri: 7am to 8pm
Sat: 8am to 8pm
Sun: 9am to 6pm

We are currently planning to be open on Thanksgiving morning to get you on your way for Turkey and set the day straight for the Ravens vs. Steelers!

We will offer extended hours in December through Christmas Eve.

Coffee Rust: A Burgeoning Problem

Coming to us from Seattle Coffee Gear is guest writer Samantha Joyce on the burgeoning problem of coffee rust disease that has the potential to decimate much of the world's coffee producing regions. This article was originally published on the onocoffee blog.

It is time to put coffee rust into perspective. It will effect the coffee you drink next year and in subsequent years to come....

Farewell, Jack.

All of us at Spro are saddened by the passing of one of our regulars and Hampden icon, Jack "The Nose" Barr. Many of you may know Jack by his imaginative outfits that remind one of the zenith of Elton John. Always with a friendly smile and kind nature, Jack was known as the "Mayor of Hampden" because he had his nose on the pulse of the neighborhood, what was going on and with whom it was going on with.

Services are being arranged.


Update: A memorial for Jack will be held on Tuesday, October 8th...

Thinking About Fair Trade, Certifications and Green Coffee Buying

Not too long ago, a young couple came into Spro and asked me if we had "Fair Trade" coffee for sale. Like always, I informed them that we don't subscribe to these certification coffees and that we buy our coffees based on their individual qualities. They then told me that they would prefer to buy "Fair Trade" coffee and declined to try any of our coffees. Usually when I speak to someone about our buying practices based on quality instead of certification that's enough for them to at least give our coffees a try, but not this time. I was...

Spro Will Be Closed on Monday, August 26th

Dear Friends,

Spro will be closed on Monday, August 26th so that we can refinish the wood floors. They're getting a little worn and we need a little time for the sealant to cure. We will re-open at our normal time (7am) on Tuesday, August 27th.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.