Something Salty, Something Sweet

Just received this photo from one of our good friends, R. Miguel Meza of Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u Coffee in Hawai'i. What you're looking at is a special prep coffee exclusively for Spro. Arabica Typica beans that are being naturally sun-dried and rubbed in Hawaiian Sea Salt. Over the next few weeks, our coffee will be processed with salt at various stages to enhance the flavors of the coffee.

They've done some testing of this process previously at Rusty's but this will be the first true production run of Salt Processing and we're going to see how it...

Baratza Grinders Are Here!

People ask me all the time: "What kind of grinder should I use at home?" Most people are familiar with the whirly-bird type coffee grinders and, for the most part, they should be avoided. The whirly-bird design produces an inconsistent grind that will typically have very fine particulates and very coarse bits, all at the same time. This wide range of grind sizes leads to uneven extraction and doesn't offer you the most for your coffee money.

The preferred type of coffee grinder is the burr grinder. Because of their design, these grinders produce even, consistent grind...

Spring 2014 Special!

April Showers bring Spring Specials!

Okay, so it doesn't rhyme as nice as the old tale but we went a little crazy with all of the cold, snow and polar vortex of this past winter and we're bringing a little of that craziness back to you with our Spring Special.

Get a BonaVita Brewer (normally $60), a box of 100 Filtropa #4 Filters ($7), a Spro Elements Mug ($15) and a 10z bag of our delicious Lekempte G4 Ethiopia coffee ($20) for the crazy low price of $75 - that's a $28 savings over the normal prices!


Trip Report: Nicaragua - The Road to Jinotega

The express bus to Jinotega.

I'm back on the road again, this time I'm off to Nicaragua for twelve days of visiting coffee farms, cupping new crop coffees and also visiting the cigar factory that makes the Fratello cigar. It's been about three years since my last trip to Nicaragua.

Previously, my trips to Central America focused around judging coffee competitions. During those trips, we might get a day or two to visit a farm and cup coffees, but this time it's all about the coffee and seeing what's going on in the world. First stop: Jinotega.


Tableside S'mores!

Master Creamer David Alima of The Charmery woos his wife, Laura, with previously unseen marshmallow rituals.


The cold weather means that it's Tableside Smores time once again at Spro!

Come in and share the love. Each order contains a Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar, Honey Maid Graham Crackers and homemade marshmallow by Laura Alima of The Charmery. Included are two sticks for roasting your marshmallow and a sterno-fired flame. Roast your marshmallow and then sandwich it between the graham cracker with some chocolate and it's better than sitting outside in the freezing cold!