Thinking About Fair Trade, Certifications and Green Coffee Buying

Not too long ago, a young couple came into Spro and asked me if we had "Fair Trade" coffee for sale. Like always, I informed them that we don't subscribe to these certification coffees and that we buy our coffees based on their individual qualities. They then told me that they would prefer to buy "Fair Trade" coffee and declined to try any of our coffees. Usually when I speak to someone about our buying practices based on quality instead of certification that's enough for them to at least give our coffees a try, but not this time. I was...

Spro Will Be Closed on Monday, August 26th

Dear Friends,

Spro will be closed on Monday, August 26th so that we can refinish the wood floors. They're getting a little worn and we need a little time for the sealant to cure. We will re-open at our normal time (7am) on Tuesday, August 27th.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.



Upcoming Charmery Releases

Just finished prepping the new ice creams for The Charmery that they'll release over the next week or so. As we've been moving into regular production with David and Laura, it's been a fun challenge to come up with something interesting every production cycle. Typically, we're preparing about nine gallons worth of ice cream but in order for the flavors to come out right, we're also prepping them days ahead of time. Add to that the calculation of roasting, degassing and allowing flavor maturation of the coffee itself and we're actually looking at about a two week lead time from...

Charmery Coffee

David and Laura are opening an ice cream shop in The Avenue and we're helping them with their coffee ice cream!

I've always found ice cream to be a fascinating exploration. So many possibilities and those of you who have been visiting Spro over the years know we've done limited runs of different ice creams and paletas (Mexican style popsicles), but one of the challenges has always been to do a thoughtful coffee ice cream.

But what do I mean when I say "thoughtful"? Quality and locally-sourced ingredients are a must, and so too is a...

Keffa Tasting

YirgZ G1 Natural - the first tasting.

While cupping coffees is a normal part of what we do at Spro, every once in a while you run into a coffee that is eye-opening.

Nestled along a tree-lined avenue in Towson is the headquarters of one of Baltimore's true secrets: Keffa Coffee. Keffa isn't a coffee shop or a place where you can go to get a cup of joe, it's the offices of one of the most exciting coffee importers in America, focusing on Ethiopian coffees. Run by our friend, Samuel Demisse, who works with connections...