Introducing Xiaxun Ding!

Introducing Xiaxun Ding!

Every once in a while, one of the regular guests catches our eye. Xiaxun (Shia-shin) Ding is one of those people. Not because she was boisterous but rather because she was exactly the opposite. Ordering her cappuccino and taking it into the back room, next to the window and working towards her Masters in Literature from The Johns Hopkins University. I would go back to check on her every once in awhile.

A few months later, Xiaxun approached me to see if we would be interested in her contributing to our blog with articles about coffee. Since maintaining a blog...

MicroLot Cupping in New Jersey

MicroLot Cupping in New Jersey

Last week, I took Su and Ed with me for Royal Coffee NY's Costa Rica & Honduras MicroLot Cupping. While most of the coffees we serve are sourced personally in-country by yours truly, sometimes we do rely on importers for some of the coffees we serve. The basic reality is that as much as I'd like for us to source 100% personally, we just can't be everywhere in the world!

And importers like Royal Coffee NY are great partners because they also source high quality specialty coffees and sometimes, you find some really great stuff from them. For the past...

Holiday Happenings

It's the holiday time here in Hampden and things are starting up this weekend. 

First off, we'll be open on Thanksgiving Day from 9am to 12noon so come down and see Javiera and Sarah for all your coffee needs. We've got some great new coffees from friends in Dubai and Seoul this weekend so you don't want to miss out.

On Saturday, the Miracle on 34th Street lights up for the first time this season. The lights will stay on through New Year's. Be sure to bring your family down and grab a cup of hot chocolate at...

How we source coffee

I'm often asked how we source our coffee. For many years, we sourced coffee via the most simplest route: we bought roasted coffee from other coffee companies. Companies like Hines Public Market Coffee, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, Ecco Caffe and Barefoot. These companies were operated by my friends and all of them shared a commitment to the ethical sourcing of coffee.

In 2011, when we decided to start roasting our own coffee full-time, the onus was on us to continue sourcing coffee in an ethical manner. Luckily, one of my friends had launched a new company importing high-quality coffee from his home...

Hampden Farmer's Market

Open on Satudays through Halloween, Spro's little red cart (with the cool grey pneumatic wheels!) will be serving hot coffee, iced coffee, iced tea and whole beans at the Hampden Farmer's Market. Come down and visit us - it's a neat way to avoid the Saturday bustle at our Hampden store and still get great coffee!

Visit the Farmer's Market Facebook page!

Spro at the Hampden Farmer's Market

Please Note:
Sadly, after the Summer of 2018, the Hampden Farmer's Market is no longer. We thank everyone for coming down to...