Baby We're A Star! Watch our YouTube Channel.

Our barista Su is featured in Episode 7 - releasing on Feb 24, 2020!


It's taken us some time but we've finally launched our YouTube Channel. You can find it here:

We're starting off by making simple videos of our coffee brewing methods. The Cafe Vlog episode shows a drink we're experimenting with called Ice Coffee Latte. It's something a bit different where we take our Perla Negra Cold Brew, freeze them into cubes and then add steamed milk for a sweet milky coffee drink that should be great for summertime sipping.

From there we show how we make Iced Lattes, French Press, Abid Clever and Pour Over brewers. We also have episodes showing how we set up the Cold Brew Tower and our Nel Drip method from the Cafe du Spro! 

Our initial videos follow a style of cafe videos from South Korea. No audio narration, ambient noise and a relaxed style. We hope you love them and subscribe to our channel. Future videos will include more brewing methods, product reviews, coffee reviews and even some travelogues.

So be sure to check out our channel, like our videos and subscribe. We would very much appreciate it!

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