Lychee Sangria???

Lychee Sangria in the Le Jardin du Spro (our Secret Garden).


Sangria? What kind of craziness is this, you say? Well, maybe a little crazy but we thought you might enjoy the cool and refreshing taste of tropical lychees, oranges and apples in a simple summer cocktail (or should we say mocktail?).

The recent sober curious movement has recently been propelling alcohol producers to "up their game" with regards to their non-alcoholic beverage quality. Sutter Home's response to this is their Fre line of alcohol removed wines which delivers a very nice quality wine without the alcohol.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to offer the Lychee Sangria, developed by my cousin Bob In Hawaii. Lychees, apples and oranges are mixed with the wine and some sweetener to make a delicious and tropical drink that you can enjoy lounging away the summer's day in our Secret Garden.

So come visit us at Spro this weekend and give our Lychee Sangria a try!


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