Cafe du Spro - Une Kissaten Américain


Cafe du Spro at The Sproastery
7 Cockeysville Road
Cockeysville, Maryland 21030

(effective March 2020)
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Cafe du Spro will be temporarily closed until the time comes that we can open again. 

However, if you would like to schedule a private tasting session, the Cafe du Spro can be available for your party of up to six people.

About Cafe du Spro
Nestled into a little corner of The Sproastery in Cockeysville is our tribute to Japanese style coffee: Cafe du Spro. Inspired by Master Ichiro Sekiguchi of the famed kissaten Cafe de L'Ambre in Tokyo's Ginza district, Cafe du Spro follows the honored tradition of Nel Drip style brewing utilizing old world techniques and eschewing the modern "third wave" specialty coffee path we've been pioneering since 2002.

I first discovered Cafe de L'Ambre in 2007 while working on the World Barista Championship in Tokyo. My mentor, John Sanders, said there was a place we had to check out and I was mesmerized the moment we stepped into that Ginza shop.  Founded in 1948, Sekiguchi was the hard-headed and even cantankerous shop owner who doggedly stuck to his beliefs and explorations in coffee. He pioneered the idea of offering aged coffees, and it's not unusual even today, in the 21st Century, to find 30 year old coffees on their menu.

Since that first visit, I've tried to spend as much time at L'Ambre as possible and whenever I have the opportunity to visit Tokyo, you can be sure to find me sitting at the bar, enjoying the coffee, chatting with the staff and soaking up as much as I possibly can. In Tokyo alone, there are numerous kissaten continuing this traditional craft. Places like Chatei Hatou, Coffee Daphne, Cafe Trois Chambres, Sumida, Tajimaya, and so many more continue and cultivate a style of coffee and coffeehouse unseen here in the United States. It is this craft and sensibility that we would like you to experience here at the Cafe du Spro.

We feature a limited number of bar seats and in-house drinking only with a limited menu of related items. When you come to visit, give us at least an hour of your time to enjoy your visit as the kissaten style of coffee takes time to prepare and time to consume. If you're in a bit of a hurry, it's probably best to save your visit for when you have a more leisurely day.

During my visit to L'Ambre in March 2018 I was, as usual, excited to see Master Sekuguchi and asked everyone how he was doing. That's when I was informed that he had passed two days prior. Ichiro Sekiguchi lived to be 103 years and 10 months old. He lived a full life and impacted the lives of untold thousands. He certainly influenced me in profound ways and I am forever grateful. Today, Cafe de L'Ambre is run by his nephew, Hayashi Fujihiko and his wife Satomi. Hayashi had been apprenticing under his uncle since he was 18 years old and is now The Master.

While we draw elements from the various coffee places and kissaten across Tokyo, Cafe du Spro is our loving tribute to master Sekiguchi and Cafe de L'Ambre. They are our inspiration and it is our honor to present a similar style of coffee to you, our guests.

We look forward to your visit.


The Cafe du Spro offers To Go "House" cups of coffee for those times when you're on the run and just need coffee quickly.

However, we encourage you to spend at least 30 to 40 minutes with us to fully enjoy our coffee experience - though we do recommend an hour. This way you can select from our wide range of coffees then we will prepare your cup and you can take the time to savor and explore the flavor.

Cafe du Spro is located in our Sproastery across Cockeysville Road from the Ashland Cafe. Ample parking is provided in our lot. 

Getting here is easy as we are located on the corner where Cockeysville Road meets York Road.

Recently, the MTA introduced their new BaltiLink Bus Service. It is possible to use the BaltiLink and RailLink system to reach us. The easiest way to arrive is to take the Light Rail to the Warren Road Light Rail Station then take a left from the station down Beaver Dam Road, then a right on Cockeysville Road until you reach us at the corner of York Road (about a mile walk).

The alternate route is to take the Light Rail to the Lutherville Light Rail Station then take the Number 93 Bus to the Warren Road and York Road stop (26 stops), and then walk northbound on York Road until you reach Cockeysville Road (0.6 mile).

A more detailed map of our mass transit system can be found here.

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