You can find our coffee at these places:

The Food Market Columbia
10480 Little Patuxent Parkway, #G150
Columbia, Maryland 21044

When Chef Chad Gauss asked me if we would consider being the coffee purveyor for his new Food Market in Columbia, it was an honor. Over the decades, Chad has made a name for himself for creating deliciously progressive food in comfortable settings, first at City Cafe in Mount Vernon, then with sister restaurants The Food Market in Hampden, and La Food Marketa in Pikesville.

For Columbia, Chad wanted an approachable coffee that could be made at scale while still providing great flavor to compliment his food experience. We went with a blend of coffees that are medium-roasted with notes of coca, light fruit and nuttiness on the finish. It's a coffee that pairs well with dessert to finish off a meal, or with a sweet(ish) brunch to celebrate your weekend.

We also supply The Food Market Columbia with a decaf coffee that is from Narino, Colombia. Again, this is a coffee with an approachable flavor profile that is decaffeinated using the "E.A." decaffeination method.

"E.A." stands for Ethyl Acetate which is derived from the processing of sugarcane. The coffee is soaked in the Ethyl Acetate which removes 99% of the caffeine and then sent to us for roasting.

For more information on our Decaf, Check This Out!

Please visit The Food Market in Columbia. The food is great and the staff is even better. And while you're there, do give the coffee a try too!


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