Yama TCA-3 Vacuum Pot

Yama TCA-3 Vacuum Pot

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Dazzle your friends or significant other while brewing coffee in this two chambered vacuum pot. Also known in Japanese circles as a "syphon" brewer, water is heated in the lower chamber until it rises into the upper chamber where coffee is added and steeped. A metal and cloth filter is secured between the two chambers.

Once the coffee is brewed, the heat source is shut off, allowing the lower chamber to cool creating a vacuum that suctions the brewed coffee through the filter and back into the lower chamber. Visually stunning, some describe it as being "dazzled" by the brew process. While elegant and seemingly simple in execution, legions of "syphonistas" engage in heated battles and turf wars over whose method is superior and who gains mastery over the brewer.

Crazy popular in Japan - especially in and around Osaka, the hallmark of the vacuum pot is the extreme cup clarity that this method provides. Flavors are crisp and sharp, coming as close to coffee perfection as possible just before fleeing your grasp.

Brilliant in design, stunning in execution and diabolical in perfection, the biggest downside of the vacuum pot is the level of commitment and dedication required to brew your cup, not to mention a bit more difficult to clean than the other brew methods - but when dazzling your loved one, isn't the extra effort worth it?

Our TCA-3 vac pot brewer is made in Taiwan from heat-resistant glass, has a 12 ounce capacity and comes complete with both chambers, filter assembly, upper chamber stand and alcohol burner. Both a butane burner and electric-powered halogen infrared heater are also available.