Rusty's Hurricane Washed 2018

Rusty's Hurricane Washed 2018

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Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u Hurricane Washed
Lorie Obra
Pahala, Hawai'i, USA

At the end of summer 2018, during the harvest in Ka'u, the Category 5 Hurricane Lane came barreling down on the Big Island. For four days, Lane lashed the island with breathtaking winds and torrential rain.

Prior to the arrival of Lane, Lorie Obra was just getting the harvest started. Ripe picked cherries had been brought down the mountain, pulped and placed into holding tanks. That's when Lane came crashing down and everyone was forced to evacuate and seek shelter.

For Lorie, there was no other choice than to abandon everything, leaving the pulped coffee in their exposed tanks, as it was impossible to secure and cover everything.

A few days later, they returned to find things in pretty good shape considering the onslaught. The coffee, now fully washed by the force and rain of the hurricane, still sat in their tanks. With the fear that the coffee had been destroyed but in the hopes that things could be salvaged, Lorie took that coffee, laid it out to dry and continued to treat the coffee as normal.

Once the coffee reached the ideal moisture content for dry coffee, she sampled it - and it was spectacular! A delicious coffee that had been processed by Mother Nature's fury.

Since the hurricane arrived at the beginning of the harvest season, there wasn't much quantity of this coffee available, so we took as much as Lorie would spare for us. Because of the nature of its' hurricane processing, this is truly a Once In A Lifetime coffee. the conditions can never be recreated. And due to its limited nature, we offer it in three ounce tins.

In the cup, this coffee is very well-balanced with light tropical notes of guava, papaya and hints of pineapple. With a round medium body and light brightness, it is a great cup with a smooth finish.


2018 Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u Hurricane Washed
 Lorie Obra
Region: Pahala, Ka'u, Hawai'i, USA
Elevation: 1550-1990 masl
Harvest: August 2018 
Processing: Hurricane Washed
Varietal: Typica


2018 Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u Hurricane Washed

Whole Bean - 3 ounces

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