2015 Fratello Cigar Blend Coffee

2015 Fratello Cigar Blend Coffee

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Fratello Cigar Blend Coffee

Our first collaboration with a cigar maker, the Fratello Blend has been designed to pair delightfully with the Fratello line of cigars by Omar de Frias. Born and raised in the town of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Omar grew up with a tobacco store next to his home where he used to watch the toreadors (cigar rollers) practice their craft. After many years, Don Rafael, the manager handed him a finished cigar and said: "Kid, welcome to the true gentlemen's club" and the legend was born.

While this coffee blend has been designed to pair with the Fratello cigar, it's a worthwhile coffee in its own right. Designed by Jay, Omar and tobacconist Tony Musotto of Fader's in Towson, this blend of coffees from Ethiopia, El Salvador and Honduras starts off round and bass-y with notes of nuts and chocolate, a bit of berry fruitiness in the mid-range that's topped off by a light, refreshing brightness. These flavor notes goes along wonderfully with the Fratello cigar that starts out with a nice, round spiciness that moves into earth notes, milk chocolate and finishes with a return of spice and sweet cocoa.

We encourage you to give this coffee a try on its own or paired with your favorite cigar. Or better yet, pair it with a Fratello Cigar - that's when we think you'll really find the complimentary and contrasting flavor notes we were aiming. Originally we designed the coffee to be brewed in a drip coffee maker but we've also found great success when brewed in a French Press. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Read a little more on how we developed the Fratello Blend.


2015 Fratello Cigar Blend Coffee 
Countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Processing: Natural and washed
Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom, Bourbon (red, orange, yellow), Pacas, Pacamara, Typica, Caturra & Catuai
Roast: Post Roast Blended Medium

For more information about the Fratello Cigar visit: FratelloCigar.com


Fratello Cigar Blend Coffee

Whole Bean - 10 ounces

Please Note: Our Sproastery works on a weekly roasting schedule to provide the freshest coffee possible. Currently, our roast day is on Tuesdays. Our coffees are roasted on Tuesday and shipped out by Wednesday for weekday delivery. Please place your orders by midnight Monday night so that we can accommodate your order in our production schedule.  Thank you.


Tobacco Retailers: The Fratello Cigar Coffee Blend is available wholesale through the Fratello Cigars distribution channel. Please contact your Fratello representative for wholesale pricing.