2012 Finca Las Mercedes Pina #74 - El Salvador

2012 Finca Las Mercedes Pina #74 - El Salvador

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Roberto Dumont
El Salvador’s Most Interesting Man
Roberto, or “Chele” as his friends know him, is a fierce and unapologetic crazy man whose love for coffee and the people of El Salvador knows no bounds. Ruling the land with velvet gloves and a fine cigar, men want to be him, women implicitly trust him, beer is handed to him freely in every bar in the nation, and his coffee has been known to change election outcomes.

Finca Las Mercedes
Connected to Finca Aconcagua in Tacuba, Apaneca, it is the farm closest to Los Imposibles national park. A mid-range elevation farm means that Las Mercedes does not produce high acidity or bright flavor notes but more pronounced nuances of chocolate and a warm, rounded body.


Finca Las Mercedes
Roberto “Chele” Dumont
Region: Apaneca, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Elevation: 800 - 1200 masl
Harvest: December - February
Finca Size: 63 Hectares
Lots: 8 Tablons
Mill: COEX
Varietals: Red, Orange, Yellow Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamaras, Typica
People: 124 (harvest), 12 (full-time)
Neighbors: Finca Aconcagua
Sourced by: Andy Newbom, Finca Coffees
Importer: Atlantic Specialty


2012 Fina Las Mercedes Pina #74

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