2012 Finca La Esperanza, Carmen Lot #52 - El Salvador

2012 Finca La Esperanza, Carmen Lot #52 - El Salvador

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Finca La Esperanza
Producer: Maria and Alfredo Pacas
Region: Apaneca, Santa Ana west, El Salvador

From Apaneca comes this lovely, bright and punchy coffee. Grown by siblings Maria and Alfredo Pacas, this is one of the most exciting coffees of the 2011-2012 crop. On the nose, the coffee is buttery chocolate followed by floral notes and hints of nuttiness on the finish.

Young, energetic, quality focused and bursting with vision - this brother and sister team are fifth generation coffee producers who are fusing the best of the “Old School” (Agovio Para, well-shaded fincas, older varietals and careful soil management) with cutting-edge analysis, techniques and discipline, along with a love of Pilsner Urquell, Bayern Munchen and FAS.

Maria and Alfredo manage all aspects of production, by training their pickers to select only the ripest coffee cherries and with the wet and dry processing of their coffee done at their mill, Vivaqua. In addition to producing great coffee, they implement waste management and eco-friendly programs on their farms, resulting in 25 hectares reserved strictly for natural forest and planting 500 endangered native trees a year to help protect El Salvador’s biodiversity.


Finca La Esperanza
Producer: Maria and Alfredo Pacas
Region: Apaneca, Santa Ana west, El Salvador
Elevation: 800 - 1200 masl
Harvest: January - March
Finca Size: 127 Manzanas
Lots: 18 Tablons
Average Trees per Manzana: 2800
Primary Pruning Method: Agovio Para
Mill: Pacas Family Mill Vivagua (wet & dry)
Processing Capability: Fully Washed, Honey Process, Natural Sun Dried, Patio Dried, Raised Bed
Varietals: Red, Orange, Yellow Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamaras, Typica
People: 410 (harvest), 22 (full-time)
Sourced by: Andy Newbom, Finca Coffees
Importer: Atlantic Specialty


Finca La Esperanza, Carmen Lot #52

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