BonaVita Ceramic Immersion Brewer

$35.00 $60.00

When it comes to hybrid immersion filter brewers, some of our guests worried about BPAs and other thermoplastic compounds that may leech into their coffee. If this is you, then this BonaVita is right for you.

In the BonaVita, the brew path is kept entirely in ceramic (with a silicone stopper that's supported by a thermoplastic structure) and is super easy to use. Pre-wet a #4 paper coffee filter in the conical shaped brewer, add your ground coffee, pour in the hot water and you're free to go off and prepare the rest of your breakfast (or hunt around for cream and sugar). After three minutes, place the brewer on top of your cup and switch the valve open and let the coffee flow (it takes about a minute), then enjoy.


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