Beehouse Dripper

Beehouse Dripper

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Made in Japan, we think the Beehouse is one of the best pour over brewers you can buy. Yes, the Hario v60 is the darling of the coffee industry, but the secret of the Beehouse lies in it's design.

The wedge shape of the Beehouse means you can use the standard #4 paper coffee filter and the small diameter twin orifices at the bottom of the brewer means better flow control while brewing. The smaller orifices restrict the water flow through the grinds helping to ensure a proper 3-4 minute brew time that's recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Pair that with medium ground coffee and it becomes very difficult to brew a fast, underextracted cup of coffee.

Comprised entirely of ceramic, the Beehouse also features sight holes on both sides of the brewer so you can easily observe the coffee flowing into your cup, eliminating overflow.

It may not receive a lot of fanfare, but we think that if you're thinking about an easy to use pour over brewer for home, this is the right one.