Aerobie AeroPress

Aerobie AeroPress

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In 2012, Jay won the very first United States AeroPress Championship being held in Portland, Oregon. A simple and easy to use brewer that ridiculously easy to clean, the AeroPress enjoys a dedicated and fanatical following of coffee aficionados who brew there coffee literally everywhere, from home to office to hotel room and even on their fold down tray table in an airplane at 41,000 feet.

Designed in 2005 by Alan Adler (who was previously known as the designer of the Aerobie High Performance Flying Ring), the AeroPress is a pressurized brewer that uses a manual plunger, and resembles the assembly of a medical syringe, that you push down forcing the hot water through the ground coffee and paper filter.

While Alan and the folks at Aerobie designed the AeroPress to brew a concentrated coffee similar to an espresso, the brewer really can make fantastic brewed coffee. At Spro, we use a higher dosage of coffee that produces a concentrated brew that we add hot water to prepare the finished cup. Clean up simply requires the removal of the locking filter cap and pressing the plunger completely through the unit, pushing the spent grounds and paper filter into the rubbish can.

AeroPressed coffees tend to brew coffees that have a lower pH and lower acidity than pour over brewed coffees and demonstrates what we call a "cleaner" cup profile - meaning that the flavors of the coffee are more apparent and "crisp." Of course, with the kind of fanaticism that follows the AeroPress there seems to be as many brew recipes as their are AeroPress enthusiasts.

Each AeroPress comes packaged in an octagonal-shaped box with a funnel (to help pour the ground coffee into the cylinder), a stirrer, filter holder and 300 paper filters (with their own filter dispenser). Compact, light and nearly unbreakable, the AeroPress is also a great device to take with you while traveling.


Note: You may have seen AeroPress models in different shades of blue, these are earlier generation AeroPresses. The current generation of AeroPress comes in a transparent smoked BPA-Free plastic.