Abid Clever Immersion Brewer

Abid Clever Immersion Brewer

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One of the newly developed coffee brewers that was introduced in 2009, the Chinese-made Clever brewer has quickly gained popularity because of it's hybrid nature. A combination immersion and filter brewer, the Clever has a conical shape that fits a typical #4 paper coffee filter. Simply fold up the sealed edges of the filter and it fits perfectly in the Clever.

After a quick rinse of the paper filter, just add the ground coffee, hot water and wait. The Clever uses a bottom-mounted plunge valve that holds the brewing liquid in the device until it is set on top of your favorite coffee mug. The weight of the brewer opens the valve, the liquid flows through the filter, valve and then into your cup.

At Spro, we use a coarse grind for the coffee that's about the same as the grind we use for French Press. We then brew the coffee in the Clever for three minutes before placing the brewer on the cup. It takes about one minute for the coffee to flow through the filter. Clever-brewed coffee enjoys the development of a full-immersion brewer with the cleanliness and clarity of filter-brewed coffee.

For 2013, Abid released an updated version of the Clever with clear BPA-Free, shatterproof thermoplastic and a newer, more stylish and handsome design. The new design comes with both a brewer coaster and a fitted lid to help retain heat while brewing.


Want to know how we brew with the Clever? Check out our video here: