2018 Loma La Gloria Wedding Blend

2018 Loma La Gloria Wedding Blend

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Loma La Gloria - The Wedding Blend
Anny Ruth Pimentel
El Boqueron, El Salvador


One of my dearest friends in the coffee business is Anny Ruth Pimentel. We met years ago before she really got into coffee. At the time, she was doing work in the Real World but a few years later, she caught the bug and decided to take over.

Her father, a civil engineer, had a working coffee farm since the 1980s but it was mainly focused on commercial coffees. When Anny Ruth decided to take over, she decided that she was going to bring her family farm into the 21st Century, focusing on specialty grade coffees - and she's hit it out of the ballpark on this one.

Where the old farm practices utilized mass processing and mechanical dryers, Anny Ruth refurbished all the wet milling equipment, focusing on controlling day lots and quality. Then she expanded the drying patios and shut down the mechanical driers completely, and the results have been stunning year to year.

Then one day, Anny Ruth met her dream guy in a gringo named Jeff. Jeff worked for an importer in California and he whisked her away to The Golden State for their wedding. In honor of the nuptials, farm manager Francisco Aguilar put together this coffee while Anny Ruth was occupied in the United States arranging visas and everything related to the wedding.

The Wedding Blend was originally given to the guests as wedding favors roasted by Birdrock Coffee in San Diego. When Anny Ruth told me she had more of the green left, I took it without hesitation because it's a great coffee. 

We roast it to a lovely medium "city" roast that gives off wonderful light berry notes with solid medium body and a deliciously smooth finish. There's a little chocolate, a little fruit, even a little nuttiness. Personally speaking, I try not to keep a bag open because I tend to drink it all.

Definitely one of my favorites but quantities are limited so it's not destined to last! 

2018 Loma La Gloria - The Wedding Blend
 Anny Ruth Pimentel
Region: El Boqueron, Quetzaltepec, El Salvador
Elevation: 1500 masl
Farm Manager: Francisco Aguilar
Harvest: February 2018
Style: Shade grown 
Processing: Black Honey, Natural, Washed
Varietal: Catuai, Caturra


2018 Loma La Gloria - The Wedding Blend

Whole Bean - 10 ounces

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