2016 Finca Talnamica Las Mercedes Castillo 465


Finca Talnamica
Dr. Hermann and Nena Mendez
Apaneca, Santa Ana, El Salvador


Across the Ruta Las Flores highway, that runs between the towns of Concepcion de Ataco and Apaneca, from the main manzanas of Finca Talnamica is its' Tablon Las Mercedes where Hermann and Nena Mendez have planted the Colombia Castillo variety of Arabica coffee.

Developed by the Colombian Coffee Federation, the Castillo was designed to be high-yielding and rust disease resistant. For years, the Federation had been pushing Colombian farmers to adopt this new varietal.

One thing to bear in mind is that varietals such as these are developed to be high-yielding, meaning that they can bear more fruit per tree and be planted in higher densities. This is to increase production and capacity for commercial coffee production and not necessarily promote higher quality. Because of this, Castillo had been a bit maligned in specialty coffee circles because it was thought that it would produce an inferior cup. When a Colombian Castillo won a prestigious coffee award several years ago, a number of people suspect corruption and foul play were at hand.

But the rust disease is very real and very prevalent in Central and South America. Left unchecked, it will readily wipe out hundreds of acres and entire farms. The effects of the rust disease can be devastating to a farm. With the threat of rust looming, Castillo started building popularity.

The misconception about Castillo is that it would produce an inferior cup because it was a hybridized coffee by a large federation. This just didn't turn out to be the case and Castillo has been slowly making in-roads in specialty coffee impressing even the most skeptical of tasters.

Hermann and Nena brought the Castillo to Finca Talnamica several years ago and this is the first time I sampled their Castillo and loved it. Complex, smooth, tasty - it's everything you want in a great cup of coffee.

As with the coffees on the main part of the farm, the coffees in Tablon Las Mercedes are harvested daily and then trucked to Beneficio Cuatro M every evening where they are fully washed processed and patio dried.

In the cup the 465 offers notes of dark cacao with nice rounded and solid bass tones that's clean, crisp and smooth in the cup. 


2016 Finca Talnamica Las Mercedes Castillo 465
 Hermann & Nena Mendez 
Farm Manager: Miguel Angel
Region: Apaneca, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Beneficio: Cuatro M
Elevation: 1150 masl
Manzanas: 171
Harvest: February 2016
Style: Shade grown 
Processing: Fully Washed 
Varietal: Castillo
Beneficio: Cuatro M


2016 Finca Talnamica Las Mercedes Castillo 465

Whole Bean - 10 ounces

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