2014 Shiwanda Estate AA - Tanzania

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Shiwanda Estate - No Longer Available

A historic Tanzanian estate, Shiwanda, in Mbozi, Mbeye Region between Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi was revived in 1998. Approximately 1,300 acres in size, only 300 acres are used to cultivate coffee. In 2007 coffee from Shiwanda placed 2nd in the Taste of Harvest Tanzania. The estate uses varietals from the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute, which is committed to improving varietal quality and diversity and helping to revive the nations coffee industry. Similar to Kenya, coffee arrived with French missionaries in the late 1800s and was planted around Mount Kilimanjaro. With its Indian influences, the Indian Kent varieties came from Mysore in the 1920s. In general, there are two varieties widely used today: the Bourbon-descended N39 hybrid and the Kent hybrid KP432, as well as Kent K7 and K9 varieties .


2014 Shiwanda Estate AA
Region: Mbeya, Mbozi, Tanzania
Elevation: 1500 masl
Harvest: 2014
Dry Mill: CMS Limited
Processing: Washed, raised dry beds
Varietals: K7, K9, KP432, N39 
Importer: Olam Specialty

No Longer Available

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