2014 Las Crucitas Fraijanes SHB - Guatemala

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Finca Las Crucitas y Anexo
Bicafe, S.A.
Fraijanes, Guatemala

While not as well-known as the Antigua or Huehuetenango growing regions, Fraijanes has been popular with Italian coffee roasters due to its non-stereotypical flavor profiles and high growing altitudes (roughly 5,000 feet). Finca Las Crucitas and it's accompanying Annex Farm were originally founded in 1935 as a livestock farm with arabica coffee production starting in 1940 and expanding through 1985.

Located 32 kilometers southeast of the capital, Guatemala City, Las Crudités comprises a total of over 113 hectares, with 90 hectares devoted to coffee production and the remaining 23 hectares dedicated to forest preserve, mainly Chalum trees, and the growth of natural vegetation. Year round, the farm employs nine full-time workers and upwards of 69 workers during the harvest season.

Once picked, the coffee is processed on-site and then laid out on the patios, which have been placed in an area that is both sunny and windy to aid in the drying of the coffee. The coffee is raked 16 times per day to promote even drying to a target moisture content of 11.0-11.5% humidity.

An award winning farm, Las Crucitas has won the Illy Award twice and been featured in the Specialty Coffee Association of America's Q-Awards Guatemala. Part of this is due to the soil quality of the farm's micro-climates: clay-like and mineral-laden with high potassium content and the addition of ash deposits from the Volcan de Pacaya help to produce the excellent body and flavor notes of this Strictly Hard Bean coffee.

Production at the farm is overseen by BICAFE, S.A. of Guatemala, with assistance from ANACAFE, the Guatemalan Coffee Producers Association.


2014 Finca Las Crucitas 
Region: Fraijanes, Guatemala
Elevation: 1300-1500 masl
Harvest: February 2014
Style: Shade grown  
Processing: Fully Washed, Sun Dried 
Varietals: Bourbon, Pache, Typica


2014 Finca Las Crucitas SHB - Guatemala

Whole Bean - 10 ounces

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