2007 Rancho San Francisco - Mexico

2007 Rancho San Francisco - Mexico

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2007 Rancho San Francisco
Part of our Vintage Series coffees, this Strictly High Grown, shade-grown coffee has been carefully aged to develop its nuance and character. The Guillen brothers grow their coffee on a 150 hectare farm in Chiapas, near the border with Guatemala. This coffee is not certified organic but follows the traditional Mexican natural growing methods without use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

A wet-process and sun-dried coffee from the mountainous highlands, it has developed into a coffee that is woodsy and peaty with a light salt acidity, medium body, notes of pumpernickel, rich and smoky raisins, and lingering sweet candy-like finish.



2007 Rancho San Francisco
Delmar & Fernando Guillen
Region: Chiapas, Mexico
Elevation: 1200 masl Harvest: February - April
Certifications: Shade grown, Strictly High Grown
Processing: Wet Process and Sun Dried
Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Typica
Importer: Volcafe


2007 Rancho San Francisco

Whole Bean - 10 ounces

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