2016 - Finca Sumava El Tanqueployth Yellow Honey

2016 - Finca Sumava El Tanqueployth Yellow Honey

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Finca Sumava de Lourdes
Francisco Mena
Lourdes de Naranjo, Costa Rica

Many of us in the specialty coffee business know Francisco Mena, or at least know of him. Francisco has been at the forefront of exporting some of the best coffees Costa Rica has to offer the world and recently decided to step into the world of coffee production by establishing his new farm, Sumava de Lourdes.

On what was one land used for cattle grazing, Francisco is carefully planting new varietals, such as VillaSarchi, SL-28 and Geisha. They use cypress trees to act as borders and windbreaks throughout the farm. The farm itself had been established for years and already has a number of the buildings (houses, warehouses, etc) needed to operate. For the coming year though, Francisco is busy building new concrete drying patios and a new wet mill for the 2016 harvest.

This Yellow Honey Caturra was produced by stripping the ripe cherries of their hull and removing most (about 90%) of the mucilage, leaving only a thin layer of mucilage that was then laid out in the sun to dry and raked hourly.

The Sumava starts off with an earthy sweet fragrance that's rich and warm. On the palate, the coffee feels spritely with a light body and medium brightness. It's crisp, clean and sparkling with notes of citrus, yuzu, honeysuckle and the happy, general feeling of summer.


2016 Finca Sumava de Lourdes 
Plot: El Tanqueployth
 Francisco Mena 
Farm Manager: Jose Ordoñez
Region: Lourdes de Naranjo, Costa Rica
Elevation: 1670-1790 masl
Harvest: February 2016
Style: Shade grown 
Processing: Yellow Honey
Varietals: Caturra


2016 Finca Sumava de Lourdes

Whole Bean - 10 ounces

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